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We (Sucharita and Ankur – Banjaaraa Couple) are a cool travel couple who share the same level of enthusiasm for travel as you do. We love to take long walks in the midst of nature, climb mountains, explore new places and gaze into the beauty of the night painted with stars. Moreover, we enjoy good conversations under an open sky and love to listen to the whispers of the wind.

न मंज़िलों को न हम रहगुज़र को देखते हैं |
अजब सफ़र है कि बस हम-सफ़र को देखते हैं ||

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Land of High Passes & Abode of Humble People

Far far in the North, in between the mountains, and valleys lies the land of High Passes – Ladakh. The home to the Zanskar Range and the ever beautiful Sindhu River along with its tributaries – Zanskar, Shyok, Nubra etc; offering a surreal landscape at every turn. The never ending beauty of this land entraps a traveller’s soul. And so it happened with us as well, and here we present to you the story of our journey to this unreal Himalayan Abode…

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