Kataldhaar Waterfall – A weekend retreat from Mumbai

Waterfalls are invariably magically hypnotising. There is a very unique charm about waterfalls which simply enchants you, you really get caught-up in the moment. We truly believe that waterfall can never disappoint you. When you keep looking while the water falls down a cliff, it feels as if it is the nature’s way of telling you, that there can be a certain grace associated even in falling. At least that is what we feel when we look at one.

2 Days in Nubra Valley – A valley beyond Hunder and Diskit

Nubra Valley – demonstrates a very different landscape of Ladakh. Vast expanse of white sand all around and colourful mountains enroute with Shyok and Nubra rivers adding to its beauty, this place is exquisite. Each place whether small or big in Nubra has a history of its own and if one is even a least bit interested in travel then one should definitely make all efforts to know about a place before visiting it.

Top 10 places to visit in India

India is a land of diversity. And usually when we talk about diversity we are either speaking of culture or religion or landscape. India is one such country which offers an abundance of experience to travellers of all genre be it adventurers, or wildlife enthusiasts, art experts, architectural admirers, nature lovers or even pilgrims. And […]