Our Story

Banjaaraa Couple

A wonderful serenity took possession of our hearts, the day we first travelled together. And after that the travels and treks continued. Very soon, hikes in the nature turned into watching sun go beyond the horizon while holding hands together. Maybe that was the moment when we realized that both of us, the complete opposites were unified by travel; felt the charm of togetherness the day we decided to tie knots. We took the vows of friendship, support and travel. And before we knew, the idea of Banjaaraa Couple seeded. Suchi is more of a traveller than me, and I feel myself lucky that I am able to have so many new experiences because of her.

Every travel that we did has left a momentous impression in our lives and has brought us all the more closer to each other. This makes us feel so absorbed in the exquisite sense of belongingness, that we neglect our sorrows and worries for a while. Travel is one passion that we share. And both being animal lovers, vegetarians, adventurers, ardent lovers of art and architecture make a perfect travel couple. Travel helps us connect to the earth, our roots. 

More than Passion, Travel is a Connection for US. 

Sea Lover

Ankur K

I am an artist and an entrepreneur. My travel journey started with trekking, where I met Sucharita. Suchi instilled the passion of travel in me and life has not been the same ever since. Every new travel experience comes with a new adventure and new learning. And one thing that I love about travel is the stories – to listen to them as well to tell them. I love mythology and folklores of a place and tell them either over conversations, or via visual medium of art. 

While Suchi loves to go on a hike or be in mountains, I find my solace in Sea. Sea is where I can spend immeasurable amount of time. Maybe it’s my second love after Sucharita. 

When I’m not working or travelling, you’ll find me either painting or watching a dog video 😛 (I am a huge animal lover and would love to have a dog one day) 

Our style of travelling is plan and then execute it in an evolved manner. We love new cultural experiences, be it food, culture or others. Trying new drinks, seeing and trying to adapt new ways of living as the place offers, meandering through every nook and corner of the place, exploring the lesser known places, and speaking out loud about the place as we feel it in contrast to what maybe a preconceived notion about the place – is who we are. 

Mountain Girl

Sucharita D

Am a software techie by profession working on SAP in Finance domain, based out of Mumbai. Being from a middle class family the focus was always on education and travel somehow took a backseat.

But as luck would have it, I got to travel a lot during my education years and that stayed with me. I grabbed on every single travel opportunity that came my way and it definitely paved a way for where I have reached today.

Those initial travels not only inspired me but also instilled in me a sense of confidence and belonging in the wide world of travel and experiences.

Am more of a mountain person and trek extensively. I love to go on small hikes as much as I cherish the long arduous treks.

The current status is, that when I meet my family, colleagues, friends the first question I get it “So, where were you this time?”.  Next being “Where to next?”. 🙂

I also get asked a lot about ” what places to cover and their itinerary” – and this is what forms the base of our very own travel blog – Banjaaraa.com.