Mykonos Beaches: Exploring the Sun-Kissed Shores of Paradise

Beauty of Mykonos Beaches is such that, the more you spend time there, the more you fall in Love with them.

Secluded Panoramos beach
Secluded Panoramos beach

If you are beach lover then you can go exploring various Mykonos Beaches. Mykonos is known for its white washed aesthetically beautiful streets and its party life but it also has beautiful beaches to boast of – there are lots of beaches to choose from. So this is what we had in mind for our second day in Mykonos. After-all who doesn’t love pristine clear waters – right? And also we have Ankur a big time sea lover – so this was a obvious choice for us 🙂

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Other options to explore the Mykonos Beaches…

But if you are not interested in that, you can always opt for a day tour to Delos, another island quite near to Mykonos. There are ferry tours that leave from Mykonos. Delos is an archeological site and is famous for its mythological connection as well. So if you are a history buff you will love it. Apart from this, there are churches and Art galleries that can be visited in Mykonos.

Stepping out to explore Mykonos Beaches…

Today it was supposed to be a cloudy day and it felt so romantic. When we stepped out of our room, we set our eyes on the sea and it seemed to have a camaraderie with the clouds. We loved it and couldn’t wait to pick our ride for the day and set off.

We quickly had our breakfast, discussed a few options with our hotel owner for the beach hopping so that we can cover some of the exotic Mykonos Beaches. Its always good to make use of the expertise of the locals, they always know it better than us and give you perfect advices. He had already given us the map the earlier day and marked for us the beaches to cover. Of course, we did our own little research before finalising on the beaches that we wanted to cover.

Encounter with Afghan…

We had already booked a motor-bike for us the previous day at 25 EURO for a day. We were to pick it up in the morning. So we went there around 9:30 AM and were asked to choose from the options available. Since it was supposed to be an arduous drive we opted for a 150CC bike.

We had imagined it to be like pulsar or a Unicorn bike as seen in India. But what we saw totally surprised us. It was more of a scooty 🙂

Anyways we started examining and were discussing amongst ourselves in Hindi about which one to opt for, when the guy standing there asked us if we were Indians – and that too in Hindi – our language. You can imagine the surprise on our faces. Yes – we did see lots of Indians in Mykonos on the streets of the town, but this was something different. We never expected someone working at this place to know our language.

On the way to the Agios Sostis beach, Mykonos
On the way to the beach


Honestly it was a pleasant surprise. So we started chit chatting with him and got to know his brief story. He had been there for a few years now and was there for work. He was from Afghanistan and knew Hindi language. Even he was glad to speak in a language other than english. While we started to take his leave we asked him about the fuel and he was kind enough to say that we need to give back the full tank :-). Of course we did NOT grab on that opportunity, why to put a poor soul through the useless hassle. But just his gesture really stole our heart.

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Panoramos beach…

Finally we set off on our beach hopping spree. The first island we planned to visit was Panormos beach. Weather today was superb and we were just loving the drive through soft curves and light uphill roads. The roads in Greece are pretty good so driving is an enjoyable experience.

Tranquil Panoramos beach
Tranquil Panoramos beach

We reached our first destination within 15 min. Considering it was end of season in Greece, the beach was almost empty. It felt as if we were on a private beach. The whole beach was to ourselves. We had never seen such empty beaches anywhere till now. So it was quite a different sight. We took a spot on the light brown sand by the beach and started absorbing the beauty around. All we could hear were the gushing sounds of the waves – such a calming experience it was. The water was crystal clear and had greying blue colour. Since it was cloudy, the whole ambience had a greyish touch to it, even the waters.

Panoramos Beach
Panoramos beach

We ventured into the waters and had a gala time. We were enjoying the blissful solitude but after about an hour people started streaming in and the beach started to get a little more active. So, we decided to move on and go and explore Agios Sostis, another beach nearby. We had read about it being a beautiful one.

At Panoramos beach
At Panoramos beach

Agios Sostis Beach…

Route to this beach was a little different and it took us about 20 min to reach here from Paradise beach. It was a little uphill and we could see the expanse of Sea from up there. It was an amazing view. The roads were all empty. It seemed as if we were the only souls there – but of course that is not true. Once we reached at the beach, we could see it abuzz with activity.

Pose at Agios Sostis Beach
Pose at Agios Sostis Beach

Now this is one beach where people were swimming, enjoying a relaxed time under the sun, just chilling out, reading a book or doing some beach activity. By now, the clouds were gone and sun had started keeping us the company.

Agios Sostis Beach as seen from the roadhead
Agios Sostis Beach as seen from the roadhead

This is also the place where we could see fishes in quite shallow waters, which was a bonus for us. We did not carry our snorkel kit and lamented about it. Had we done that, we would have enjoyed fishes all the more.

We really liked this beach. Spent good 2-3 hrs here and then we moved towards Elia beach – one of the most recommended beaches in Mykonos.

Agios Sostis Beach
Agios Sostis Beach

Elia beach…

This was another 20 min drive from Agios Sostis Beach. And we got the best view of the beach while driving downhill from here. Finally we arrived in Elia beach. It has a very party vibe to it.

Greenish blue waters of Elia Beach
Greenish blue waters of Elia Beach

There was a big cafe here. Since we were hungry we quick grabbed a bite at the restaurant and then moved by seaside. By now it was again cloudy. There are lots of umbrellas and sunbeds here which were missing in the earlier beached that we had been to. So definitely this was a much more busy beach. But again during this time, it was kind of quiet with comparatively less crowd around.

Here we simply lied on the sand by the beach and enjoyed a chill time. Ankur took a good nap for an hour and just whiled away my time in the beautiful setting. And then it started drizzling. The whole setting looked quite romantic. We sat there while the drizzle was light.

Elia Beach
Elia Beach

Another evening in Mykonos

It was 5 PM by now and we decided to head back to the hotel. We had planned to go into the town again today. But we were very hungry and went for a quick dinner at the nearby restaurant – Molaraki. There were only a few vegetarian options available but we had no patience to wait till we reach the town. So we quickly ordered a Greek Salad and gobbled it. It was quite expensive though.

Again we took the water taxi – we found it really convenient to travel. By now it was 8:30 PM and we were told that the last ferry back to Tourlos was at 11:30 PM from the town. So we had around 3 hours at hand. Once we reached the town, we spent some more time in the streets of Chora but it didnt have the charm of the day.

We found a good restaurant – Kavos Fish Taverna – situated by the sea. Restaurant has a very dramatic and rich ambience and is known for its sea food. But when we looked through the menu, we found a few vegetarian options available. We ordered – Tzatziki with bread and Dolmades with 2 glasses of wine.

Strolling through the streets of Mykonos at night
Strolling through the streets at night


Beautiful Collectible shop…

After that we header back to the port to catch the last ferry. On the way we came across beautiful art shops, but there was one shop which really attracted us. It had a beautiful collection of sea shells, conches, sponges, fossils etc… It seemed to be a very old shop run by an old Greek man who did not know English at all. It was quite an interesting situation to be in. We tried to converse with him in broken English asking about his collection and some options of the items that we were interested in. We felt the price quoted was a little high but since Ankur paints he ended up buying a sea sponge from the shop costing 5 EURO.

And then we hopped on to our ferry and reached back to our hotel. It was our last night in Mykonos. Next day morning we were flying into Athens. We got a cab arranged for us via hotel desk which was to drop us at the airport by 9AM.

After that having visited Crete, Santorini and Mykonos & Mykonos Beaches, one thing we felt is that howmuchever people adulate Mykonos, we think Greece has much more to offer.

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